About Us
Based in Jacksonvile, FL, we not only support endangered, but also the
economies of developing countries worldwide. We import our handmade beaded animals from the markets of South Africa. This not only provides a unique souvenir to commemorate your donation, but it also helps stimulate the developing economy of a country in Africa. Sarted in 2015, Beads4Breeds is operated and run by students. Our goal is to leave a green, lasting imprint on the world and to make the earth a better, healthier place for those who will inherit it next.
Words from the CEO and founder of Beads4Breeds, Inc.,
"The world we live in today does not and will not solely belong to us. We share the resources and bounties of the earth with our fellow creatures. The least we can do is protect the homes they need to survive."
Each month, we hope to bring awareness of a different species that is on the brink of extinction. Your donaton will help to secure their future.
Every species is suffering devastating losses at such a rate that it is impossible for them to reproduce to replenish their populations. Our focus is intended to be at the root of the problem. We look to stop crimes against nature. These include but are not limited to: deforestation due to expanding city boundaries, pollution of all kinds, and poaching, etc.
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