Focus Animals for 2016
  1. The Cross River Gorilla
    24 - 11
    Rival Team
  2. April
  3. May
  4. June
  5. July
  6. August
  7. September
  8. October
  9. November


Species Name

Estimated Number Left in the Wild

Other Information

These gorillas live in a 3,000 square mile area between Cameroon and Nigeria. When fully grown it is around 440 lbs and between 4-5.5 ft

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Cross River Gorilla
(Gorilla gorilla diehil)


The Black Rhinocerus
(Diceros bicornis)


When in adulthood these rhinos can way between 1,760-3,060 lbs and is usually 5.2 ft tall. They are found in Nambia and Costa East Africa

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Hawksbill Sea Turtle
(Eretmochelys imbricata)

In adulthood, these sea turtles can way around 165 lbs and have a height of 115 cm. These turtles live populate the entire region, but their most concentrated areas of residence are the Gulf of Mexico and the Australian Coast.

Over 15,000

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The Amur Leopard
(Panthera pardus orientalis)


Adult Amur Leopards can weigh anywhere between 70-105 lbs. They have been spotted in everywhere from Russia to China.

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The Sumatran Elephant
(Elephas maximus sumatramus)


Full grown, the Sumatran Elephant can weigh around 5 tons and be 5-9 ft tall when measured at the shoulder. They are known to live in Borneo and Sumatra

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(Phocoena sinus)

At max height, Vaquita is normally around 5 ft tall and weighs 120 lbs. They are known to live mostly in the California Gulf Region.

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less than 100

The Bengal Tiger
(Panthera tigris tigris)

less than 2,500

When adults, the Bengal Tiger can weigh up to 550 lbs and can be up to 10 ft when on their hind legs. They live in the Sundarbans. A region between India and Bangladesh.

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Giant Panda
(Alluropoda melanoleuca)

At maximum size, the Giant Panda can way between 220-330 lbs. Their height on average is around 4 ft and the majority of Giant Pandas live in Yangtze, China.

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